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Is... is this thing on?

ahem. assuming I have the clearance to make one of these, here has something about forests being destroyed due to dams being built.

I think there's more info here:…
Does anybody would like to see a new icon for the group instead the old :iconposterdesign: ?

If yes, upload it here on the upcoming folder NEW POSTER DESIGN ICON and the best will replace the actual icon.

Do your best, cheers!

Ric :iconrichardtherough:
Hi Posters Addicts,
link you in this post some hot resources of fresh poster stuff I've discovered recently browsing the web.

> this one is a huge database of vintage games ads, old school posters from the first Atari games and other retrò gems…

> same database, different category, this one with the first posters and covers of comic books, back to Marvel and Dc old school of the 60's and much more…

> an amazing series of posters of movie classics but remixed with an alternative casting and into vintage old school style, via Wired…

> as the Academy Awards 2010, recently passed, there are also the Internet Movie Poster Awards 2010, check them here

Hope you find all these resources inspirational, ENJOY!

Cheers! :iconahoyplz:

Ric :iconrichardtherough:
Fixed our old bugs in the submission system, hope there will be no more problems with expired submissions etc.


To contain the huge quantity of new works that are daily submitted by the members (and don't reach the overlimit content in the specific folders), an useful idea could be to add more folders to the already existing.

The thing will be more useful to search and upload a specific kind of artwork, and also to browse more fluently the folders.

So I invite you to answer and suggest us some ideas of what could be the next folders.



First proposals of new folders:

- fan-art posters (specifically what?)

- nature posters

- minimal posters

- vintage/pulp posters

- vector freestyle posters

You are welcome to give your comment and opinion (and proposal) about them.

Cheers again! :iconahoyplz:
A lot of users maybe have noticed it, the submitted works don't appear correctly in the gallery, even if approved by a good response feed in your message inbox.

It's because the specific folders are not able to receive the works.

Internal problems of the submitting system, maybe bugs of the server, I sincerely don't know and I will send a message to the help center soon.

But, by the way, it's not impossible to submit the works.

It's just to submit into featured, the only folder able to receive the submitted works.

So you have just to select featured into the destination button in the submission window, then we will move it to the correct folder as soon as we can.

Hope it will help all the users that don't find their work, even if approved, into the gallery.

Cheers poster-designers!

:ahoy: :ahoy: :ahoy:


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